For Healthcare Providers

Thank you for doing what you do.

We have had a significant drop in requests and donations, due to this we are going to suspend requests for now, we appreciate everyone’s help and efforts. We are going to remain vigilant in case of a resurgence in cases and or need for more intubation boxes. The contact form will remain up for any providers who may have questions or concerns. Additionally the plans will remain up indefinitely.

We are receiving an overwhelming number of requests at this time, so please be patient with us, or share our instructions with fabricators in your area to make your own.

Please fill out the form below in it’s entirety to request an intubation box. Missing information on the form will delay us being able to send boxes to you. (all info is private and will not be shared)

Provider Resources and Tips

Please share this information with your fellow providers and staff who will be using the intubation box with you. We have been using them here in Arizona for about three weeks now and I have personally used them about 15 times as of writing this.  I would suggest once you a box to do a dry run with your staff so you can feel comfortable having your hands through two holes while intubating.(example)  I have found that staff is able to easily bag the patient if they just stand a foot or so farther down the bed and reach up the front of the box(example), additionally if using the Glidescope I’ve been tilting the patient’s head about 45deg to the right so when getting that very rigid stylet out of the ET tube there is a bit extra room for whoever is pulling it out.  Lastly, using a bougie can be a little tricky, I have found that if you have someone hand it to you from the front and have them place the end curled forward and into the top right far corner of the box(away from you), you should have enough room to maneuver the bougie for usage(example).  Same with tube replacement, just angle the bougie out the front right side of the box for exchange.  One other consideration is while intubating or doing a tube exchange, place a yankauer in the box on the bed coming in from the front and just let it run, the negative pressure from it is better than nothing. Please see below for Glidescope video of one of our boxes.


(2 slightly different models are being shipped)